The Art Hanging Tool Of The Ages

Have you ever tried to hang art and it ended up looking like a car wreck on the wall and the artwork's new job is to hide the disaster behind it? Yep, been there, done that.

Put those days behind you and hang like a pro in no time flat! No longer is it needed to have a handful of tools and a pencil in your pocket. No longer does it take a few attempts to get it perfect because each measurement was just a hair off. No longer do you need that other person standing back to guide you, "...a little more up, a little more down ...".

Introducing the art hanging tool of the ages, Hang It Perfect! Just as the name implies, this art hanging tool, well, hangs it perfect. Can we add, the first time - every time, without sounding too cheesy? What can we say, it's true... Hang It Perfect does hang it perfect the first time, every time! That's why you don't need all those tools, multiple attempts or secondary person!

This art hanging tool does it all for you, measures, levels and marks. You'll have your artwork hung perfect on the wall in about 2 minutes! Splurge for 20 seconds and see how quick and easy it is:

We've got a pro-tip for those of you hanging artwork with a wire.

Use 2 nails instead of one! Here's why: Stability. When only one nail is used to hang art or a picture frame, the mild vibrations of the room's activity, such as doors opening and closing, creates subtle movement which causes the frame to become off kilter. That's why you find yourself having to set the frame straight as you walk by time and time again. Installing 2 nails will resolve the problem! Space the nails anywhere from 1-3 inches apart (depending on the frame size and wire taughtness).



Did you know those D-rings or wall buddies can be attached to the artwork just smidgen off from perfectly level? Hang It Perfect, art hanging tool of the ages, automatically compensates for minor errors like that and saves you from trying to figure out, why did that not hang straight when I measured it right? Whether you are a pro or novice, Hang It Perfect is the best art hanging tool on the market today due to it's diverse abilities. Most art hanging tools can only hang one type of frame with a particular type of hardware. But H.I.P can adjust and hang all types!



Check out how H.I.P can also be your go-to art hanging tool for a series of grouped artwork. Get those fabulous pieces hung on the wall not only level, but evenly spaced as well! Click here to learn more.


For more information about the Hang It Perfect - Art Hanging Tool, click here.

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