How To Hang A Flat Screen TV Level

Now is the time not only to hang a flat screen TV on the wall, but hang it level!

These instructions are for a horizontal TV mount. Typically, it's the larger TV's (40-inch or more) that use this type of mount.

Once you’ve purchased your horizontal TV mount kit and have it in hand, it’s time to begin hanging your flat screen TV.

BEFORE YOU START: With a stud finder, locate the studs on the wall and mark their location with a pencil. We used a pretty basic stud finder for this project. You can find these just about anywhere for less than $10 bucks.

STEP 1: ALIGN. Place the TV mount flat-side down on a level surface such as a table or counter. Place Hang It Perfect™ against the top of the mount and align the center mark of the crossbar with the center of the mount.

Next, align the arms of the H.I.P (Hang It Perfect™) with the mount holes that will be used with the wall hardware. Slide the arms up till the hook catches the hole. In some cases, the hook will not catch. In this scenario, slide the arm up until the hook hovers over the hole. Tighten the knobs to secure the H.I.P arms in place. Make sure the measurement on both arms read the same. If they don't, simply adjust one arm to match the other.

STEP 2: LEVEL. Remove Hang It Perfect™ from the mount and head over to the wall. Put H.I.P with the knobs against the wall and the level facing you.

Place the H.I.P arms to be in alignment with the studs. Adjust H.I.P to the height on the wall that you want the TV mount to be installed. Use the built-in level to make sure that the Hang It Perfect™ is level on the wall.

STEP 3: MARK. Once everything reads level, firmly press the hooks located at the bottom of each arm. This will create subtle marks on the wall so that you will know exactly where to pre-drill and install the mount's hardware. You are now done using Hang It Perfect™.

Pre-drill the holes into the wall where the dimple marks are. Place the mount on the wall and align the mount holes to the wall holes. Install the TV mount with the given or recommended hardware.

STEP 4: HANG. Place your flat screen TV on the mount and now the TV is hung perfectly level in no time!

Check out this 30 second video that shows how easy it is to hang a flat screen TV with Hang It Perfect™ :

Now that you’ve finished hanging your flat screen TV, kick-back, relax and enjoy. We gotta say, that’s some great work!

A great thing about Hang It Perfect™ is that it's not limited to only hanging TV mounts level on the wall. It's your DIY partner for just about any hanging project! Hang frames on that honey-do list, shelves (both bracket & floating) and cabinets.

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